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Orientation in a building with Bluetooth detections generating messages on the phone

  • Instructions on the phone by written, vocal, pictograms or video messages to help orientation by zone of the building.

  • The manager chooses in the database, which messages to send to the user depending on the situation and the profile of the user.

  • The user, if he is lost, can orient himself even if he does not recognize the place where he is.

  • Instructions when needed are given to users, depending on the context, in a dedicated mobile application.

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If the citizen lives in a building equipped with the BLE-Network system, he can be helped with a simple application on his cell phone. When he walks in the building, the application will help him in case he forgot an instruction. The user is never alone, hi is helped by the app, and more peaceful.

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If parents or family are concerned about why their child or relative with DI has not returned to his or her room, they could know the last time he was detected in the building and where or elsewhere, outside the building 

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The staff in charge of assisting and monitoring people with ID will have less time to spend repeating instructions multiple times a day, and searching for lost building users.

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